Wishlist for MQA on TIDAL

First, I would like to congratulate TIDAL on the successful cooperation with MQA. The MQA albums sound great and I feel me, as an audiophile, like Alice in Wonderland. A broad catalog of high-resolution music to be streamed - dream has come true! Continue so and I look forward to many new MQA titles.

Regarding the management and selection of the MQA albums in TIDAL, there is in my opinion still development potential. Therefore, I would like to start a wishlist here and I will send the latest version, supplemented with your wishes, regularly to the TIDAL team. (If someone does not read you from here regularly in the Roon Forum.

Wishlist for the MQA on TIDAL

  1. It would be great if all MQA albums got a small logo (in Roon or directly in TIDAL, so you could see at the cover image whether it is the MQA version.

  2. Is it possible to have, all by the users linked TIDAL albums, automatically in the highest resolution ? So I do not have to look for every album in my TIDAL collection, if there is already an MQA version of it.

  3. The MQA albums should get their own “Masters” category on the TIDAL website and be sorted by genre. With the possibility to be sorted by Albumname, Artist and Date of the MQA version release.

  4. TIDAL iOS App - please add the category Masters for HIFI / Master subscribers, so I can choose my favorites directly in the album news.

  5. Here you are asked!

Kind regards from Switzerland


I thought somebody may be interested on the spreadsheet that a good soul has put together: