With 1.8 update, I have lost ability to seloct USBridge Signature Player as endpoint

I have tried uninstall/reinstall Roon on Dietpi to no effect. All I get in settings are shown in the pic. None of those devices produce any sound when selected.

Is your DAC plugged in and powered on?

Have you

  1. Verified cable, even re-plugin both side.
  2. Power cycle DAC
  3. Power cycle the Raspberry Pi
  4. Check again.

Roon will not show a USB “port” in Audio. It only shows the connected DAC so, if for some reason, the DAC is not recognized by the Pi it will not show in Roon. You can also verify this on the diet-pi machine by looking at the ALSA hardware list (aplay -L).

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Thanks. Looks like restarting each piece did the trick. Thanks.

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same here, I had to restart the Core to see it again