With RaspPi still in short supply

Can most any mini computer be useable with ROCK installed for use as an endpoint? Not planning to do a separate linux (or windows) install as an OS. Thanks in advance, new to Roon and digital across a home network.

Yes. I have ROCK on a NUC that I use exclusively as an endpoint.

Any computer, that can run ROCK, can also run it solely as an endpoint.

You don’t even need to use ROCK. Any computer with an OS which you can install Roon Bridge on can be used.

See Inexpensive End Point - #2 by Bill_Janssen

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Reading your post from a different angle, I think you might have been asking if any mini computer can run ROCK. Any computer that isn’t an Intel NUC is not guaranteed to run ROCK. Ones that do are called MOCKs per this thread.

Since you mention the Raspberry Pi, I think it’s relevant to note that this device cannot run ROCK; for this, you need an Intel NUC.

The Raspberry Pi is only suitable for use as a network streamer that utilizes Roon Bridge, and uses Ropieee or similar OS’.


Yes with a few definitions of “mini computer”/

It needs to be x86 (Intel, AMD) CPU instruction set. ROCK only supports x86; won’t work on ARM. Next-up, ROCK has limited support for ethernet chipsets and you cannot install your own drivers. So, YMMV. “Most” will expose some standard hardware but not all. Some mini computers have really odd hardware to make them small.

So, “most” yes but there is a lot out there that no ones know until you try. Other option, as others said, if you can’t get ROCK on it just make sure it has a Linux distro compatible and then RoonBridge install is going to be much closer to “all”.

Don’t even have to do that (the Linux bit). Roon Bridge installs on Windows just fine. It’s only that Windows is a more naggish and fussy OS about upgrades.

Thanks, that what i was thinking. RaspberryPi with Ropiee would be great, but getting one not so great. I’m in the processof setting up a NUC with ROCK for the server, but looking at reasonably priced alternatives for a streamer/endpoint given the shortsupply of RaspberryPi. I understand a celeron processor would be sufficient for an endpoint and there are numerous non-NUC minis out there for 30-40% less than a NUC.

You’re assuming the definition of “mini computer” supports Windows :wink:
But, yes, agree otherwise.

Yes, and if they come preinstalled with windows then…

and it’s probably the “safe” thing to do in this instance although maybe not the most convenient (windows updates being what they are)

You can use a number of different Pi alternatives with DietPi as OS. Very easy to install Roon Bridge. See DietPi.com

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