With ROCK, how do I find cpu temperature?

Are you going to upsample every song you play in Roon to DSD256? Really, is that necessary?
If this is something you are doing occasionally, let the CPU do it’s thing. It’s not going to incinerate.
If you feel you need to do that for everything you play, you may get a slightly shorter CPU lifetime. Maybe.
I’d be okay leaving it that way (unthrottled). When I push Plex hard the CPU gets up there, but its only for relatively short periods of time.

Yeah, I just set and forget, usually. My Topping D90 really shines with DSD256 because its chip bypasses some internal processes when at DSD256 and my Wyred4Sound sounds slightly better with it.

I can roll the dice. :slight_smile: I also will look into the cooling properties of the Turing FX case, as that might be another solution.

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This is not bad… 80C is a fine temp for that CPU to run at. You’ll get many years of life if it hits 80C when doing playback. Far longer than the life of that machine’s usefulness.

Sounds like the consensus. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will keep things as they are, then.

Tonight, all but one core ran between 94c and 97c while I played music, at least momentarily. That can’t be good.

So, back to the original question: assuming that I can get ROCK installed by changing the BIOS to legacy boot and that my USB-to-ethernet adaptor is up to the task of connecting to my network, would ROCK run any cooler due to lesser overhead?

I think your nuc is broken. I’ve never seen a nuc run that hot if it has a cpu fan, and I’ve seen most nucs in the last 5 years.

How are you measurig it? Is the fan on?

I don’t think so. I think you have a broken nuc. You can try, but I can’t promise anything.

Measuring it with CoreTemp, which shows current temps, plus min and max from the time of the last reset. I am open to other apps for monitoring, but I have found CoreTemp to be consistent with others I ran redundantly, so I am just using that now.

Fan is set to Cool scheme, which pops on the fan at 77c.

Tomorrow morning, I will contact Intel Customer Support, which is what Intel recommends when the Cool fan setting doesn’t prevent overheating.


What else than Roon are you using your NUC for? it seems like it’s being used as an all purpose computer judging from the screen shots? Do you have any other apps running, consuming CPU resources?

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I have had NUCs running Roon and also functioning as a computer with web browsing and other general use going on. Never had temps that high. I would 2nd Danny’s suggestion that there is an issue with the NUC itself.

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Mikael, it absolutely is NOT a general purpose computer. The only applications on it are Roon and Audirvana, only one of which is open at the same time; JRiver, which usually is open, but not playing; Firefox; and some utilities (CoreTemp, Samsung Magician, Partition Magic, Unreal Commander, Splashtop Streamer, Speedtest) that only are open if I am running them. I had Norton security and utilities, but did not reinstall them after my last Windows install (when my SSD benchmarks were off, a couple of days ago). When I was spiking at 95 and at the time of the screenshot last night, ONLY Roon and CoreTemp were open and running. (In the earliest screenshots, I also had open some redundant temp monitors, which I installed just to assure that CoreTemp was accurate. It seemed consistent with them, so I uninstalled them.) Core loads are NOT crazy high.

I left Roon running last night, again as a stress test. I pegged 96 on two cores and was over 90 on four.

I will call Intel today.

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Thanks for that information, @Rugby. Do you run DSD256 oversampling full-time? That’s what’s been spiking my temps into the 90’s, although this unit never runs cool even when DSP is disabled.

I will call Intel Customer Support this morning.

I should clarify. I run headless, so Splashtop Streamer always is running. I leave CoreTemp on all the time now, as well. The other utilities only run when necessary, though.

Intel is closed today for US Independence Day, so I posted in the Intel Community Forum in the meantime. Will post again here if I learn anything useful.

does it overheat when you arent connected to splashtop?

I will have to connect it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to check, but I will do that later today and get back to you this evening.

No appreciable difference with Splashtop turned off. Average temps in the 70c’s, spiked to high 80c’s.

And how about I install just the server on this NUC and control with my everyday PC? Less load on the CPU with just server, Roon FAQ’s suggest.

OMG! There is so much wrong going on here… maybe you should use ROCK :slight_smile:

i think that before we find new details, it’s best you just try ROCK

Okay, will do, if my USB to ethernet converter works with this NUC.

Why would you need that converter? With rock loaded just Ethernet and headless is all that is required.

NUC10 is not supported by Roon OS yet due to ethernet driver

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