With two different profiles, can one set it up so that profile X only sees music stored on NAS X, and Profile Y only sees music stored on NAS Y?

title self explanatory. I set up a second profile for my wife, but she hates classic rock and I hate boy bands. When she logs onto her profile is there a way for her profile to point towards a different NAS folder with just her music on it?

Thanks in advance

I think not, but you will have your own set of tags (the only difference I have found between our accounts, probably there are more).

Not at this point, no… The library will remain the same, but bookmarks, tags and playlists would optionally be unique.
So, basically, the user profiles are very limited for now…

The most you can do currently is to set up a Bookmark Focus for each profile to that effect. But you would have to load it each time you open Roon.