WMA Lossless: Roon Silently Adds Albums With No Music

Well, I just went through a long, frustrating and typical process of trying to figure out why my imported albums are only showing up as Tidal versions. Found out that:

  • I had used a previous version of Roon that supported WMA Lossless and the albums and music showed up
  • The current version of Roon no longer supports WMA Lossless BUT silently adds the albums to the library with no music in them. Really??? What a fail.

Yep, I learned about Album versions, reinstalled Roon to try and fix the library, etc. This thing is just as frustrating as JRiver.

I am not going to manage 2 versions of my 200Mb WMA Lossless collection. I am running Windows 8.1 and am not planning on upgrading to Windows 10 for the new Media Player until Microsoft fixes OneDrive support in Windows 10—probably around the end of the 1st quarter of 2016.

Anyway, if you guys want to support WMA Lossless I’ll consider the product. Otherwise, not happening. And please don’t waste people’s time adding albums with no music in them lol.

WMA is not supported, mainly due to licensing reasons beyond the Windows platform. More info here. A previous build accidentally allowed WMA under certain conditions – see @danny’s explanation here.

The adding of empty albums sounds like a bug to me. Setting a flag for @mike to confirm.

That being said, WMA as a format is pretty much dead in the water. I appreciate that does not help your WMA library, but I can see you needing a conversion to something like FLAC sooner or later anyway.

Yeah I had 2 terabytes of WMA lossless and was very sceptical about Roon and using a new Audio Player but the Tidal integration won me over , so using DbPower amp I converted the WMA to FLAC , then took a very big risk and made it an organised folder in Roon rather than just watched, Roon took over and put all the artists/albums /tracks in the corrrect order and I don’t regret it at all. Very good system. My Stereo PC sounds great.
I have a new laptop with Windows 10 and the new Windows Media Player on it plays FLAC files anyway now, so I load some onto it to listen to when travelling…all good. :smile: