WMA in build 65

In build 55 my wma files would show and playback was possible all though not official supported.

In build 65 this is no longer possible, all my wma files (+30.000) are no longer available :tired_face:

So, what happened here sucks. We made a mistake, and WMA support leaked out. We were trying to get support added universally, and it accidentally leaked out in a previous build. However, we failed, and gave up a bit before build 65 – then we removed it.

There is another feature request thread here to support WMA, and it is what triggered this work, but we failed. I’m sorry the code got out. That was our mistake. We screwed up. We never meant for this half solution to get to the public.

You shouldn’t have ever seen WMA. We have never officially supported WMA, and the post you reference above is a user guessing that WMA is supported, and is followed up by a response from a Roon representative stating the official file formats supported; WMA is not on that list.

WMA was only supported in a few configurations and in a few cases and only on Windows and interferes with plans moving forward. I know that it may have worked for you just fine, but it’s not a solution we can support long term.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear :anguished:

I can offer to you, and any other people affected by this accidental release, two solutions:

  1. we can help you come up with a way to convert your lossless WMA to FLAC. Our support team will walk you through it so it should be pretty painless.
  2. if you are not OK with converting, and just totally fed up with Roon, I can offer you a cancellation with a full refund.

The entire Roon team feels really bad about this type of thing, and acknowledges that this is a nightmare situation.


Here is the WMA thread:

Also, it seems the poster of that thread had a good experience converting to FLAC.

I was fully aware that WMA wasn’t supported when I signed up, but I was truly excited when I discovered that WMA was working despite of the fact it wasn’t supported.

  1. I know I can convert my lossless WMA to FLAC but 75% of my WMA files are lossy WMAs, converting them would not be a good solution.
  2. I’m not fed up with Roon despite of some hick-ups it is still a great product.

Anyway… I will try pairing my lossy WMAs to Tidal versions and convert the rest.