Work in progress section

As a new user of Roon, which seems to be in perpetual motion, ,I think it would be very useful and nice a “Work in progress” section where featured in progress are listed.
I don’t talk about a roadmap with schedule and all but just an indication that team is working on this or that thing.
The features could be marked with something like red, yellow or green light to give users an indication about the work status and what to expect in the (near?) future.

Would be nice but I suspect its difficult for developers to pin down a list to share. It’s easy to set expectations you can’t deliver against.

Still from the threads there is a fair bit of insight as to what is coming:

  • Offline listening
  • Remote connection to RoonServer for listening away from the home
  • RoonSpeakers (through some named manufacturers and ‘many many more’)
  • Additional services to TIDAL
  • MQA support (that may be there now and just waiting for the content?)
  • Streaming radio
  • iphone app

I am sure there is a lot mor ementioned through this forum.

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A problem with pinning things down is that some features are worked on, then get delayed because other work becomes necessary, either in order to implement them, or otherwise. It could just add frustration to tell us they are doing something then for it to be delayed.

This has happened for at least two major features already. I’m not going to mention them: if you’ve been reading the forum you’ll know what they likely are.

Personally, I’m very happy with the Roon team’s communication about features.