WORKID: can't make it work at all

It appears to me that WORKID doesn’t work. Certainly I can’t make it do anything.

Two performances of the work “Chorale from a Toy Shop” are incorrectly being grouped as a multi-movement work.

I gave each track a different WORKID. But the grouping is still wrong.

What can I do?..

You need WORK tags as well.

Subject: CD with two performances of the same multipart work by two different performers.

I put in WORK tags for the whole album which are the same as the TiVo work name (just for consistency). The two performances have different PERFORMER tags. The movements are numbered in TRACKTITLE in each case.

I put WORKID 1 and 2 for the two performances.

The result is that no tracks are grouped into works. (Removing the WORK/WORKID tags result as expected in all tracks being grouped incorrectly as one multipart work performance.)

What am I doing wrong?

I have a similar problem I’d wanted to tackle with WORKID, too.

One Work, interrupted by other tracks.Still counted as separate works. Can this be achieved with WORKID at all?

Hi @joel ,

Where can one access WORK tags? I look in Mp3Tag and in Roon and see nothing that helps. Same for PART and WORKID tags. If there is a COMPOSITION TAG, would it be the same as the WORK tag?

WORK and PART are custom tags that you need to define by your own in Mp3Tag if you want to use them.

Ahhhh - and when i do that, Roon will recognize? Has it been working well?

It has been, but not to the extent it is described in the Roon knowledge base. For me WORK and PART tag don’t work as “advertised”. I always need to copy the string WORK - TAG to my TITLE tag…

@joel I guess that’s already on your list, right?

@hshrader Have a look here

I’d read the Roon note on tagging. I copy the interesting message:

“We’ve also added the ability to control the presentation of multi-part works (typically, though not exclusively, for classical music). Two new tags – the inspirationally named ‘WORK’ and ‘PART’ – can be used to control the layout of the tracks.”

Roon has added these two tags but how do I use/access them. The knowledge document is silent on this. You’ve led me to creating a custom tag in Mp3Tag…but how to do that is not at all clear. I will keep looking, but if anyone has a good link on creating custom tags, I’d be grateful if you could post the link. Perhaps MP3Tag is not the best program for creating custom tags?

Roon only pays attention to the Work and Part tags if an album remains unidentified, or the identified version has incomplete metadata. If the metadata from their subscription services is incorrect, incomplete, or not formatted to personal preference, the application of these user-defined tags cannot (at present) be used to modify the data shown locally in your library.

From the previously liked KB article:
Caveat: WORK and PART currently only affect tracks for which there is no information associated with them from the Roon database. In other words, these tags only affect unidentified albums or albums which have been manually identified against a “trackless edition”.”

Of course, if your album is Unidentified, as is the case for the original post, then the failure of Roon to clump using these custom tags is indeed a bug.

It still has to be noted though, that WORK and PART do not necessarily work the intended way, even on unidentified albums. I always need to copy WORK - PART to the TITLE… :frowning:

Mp3Tag is perfectly capable of dealing with WORK and PART tag.

in Mp3Tag go to Tools–>Options–>Tag Panel to create your own tags.

Much appreciated. I will get this going and then fool with the WORK-PART to TITLE issue. Not sure where this path is going, but i have many classical albums not recognized and i would LOVE to get the Work/Part correct and recognized.