Worth the effort for repair

I have a BB that has issues, static output from both balanced and unbalanced outputs. Given the current situation is it even worth the effort for a RMA/repair? I sent them an email 2 weeks ago and no reply.

I wish I had never gone down the Mytek path…

They will respond, keep in mind the time of year we currently are in. I would say it is worth to do the repair. However this can take time.

Forget about it. After my AMP caught fire, they sent me two others, neither of which worked. They then stopped responding to emails. In the end, I just tossed all my Mytek kit and started over. Glad I did.

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Sounds expensive. You should push them to fix the unit so you can sell it (reducing loss) - hook up a lawyer; usually forces them to respond.

They’ve also failed to respond to my emails sent to three different email addresses, trying to get them to engage on the trade in offer for the new Brooklyn Bridge.

I will say that a repair on my Brooklyn Bridge a while ago was dealt with quickly and efficiently by HEM in Poland via the standard Mytek RMA system, just before all the furore broke out.

I actually called Mytek support and spoke to Arvin (not sure on the name) and he will be sending RMA and return instructions. Very nice and if/when I receive the email I’ll update this thread, it’s a positive start.

To follow-up and be fair to Mytek, I was able to talk to someone every time I called and determined the issue was a setting I needed to change on the BB. Mytek was engaging and prompt.


Which version of Mytek company are you dealing with here - Mytek.Audio or Mytek-Europe (ie HEM)?

I think Mytek.Audio.

Mytek Audio - Superior Dacs and Amps

I ordered my Mytek Liberty II after my iFi Pro iDSD stopped working after 90 days, and subsequently spent the next two months being lost in some kind of endless repair queue at iFi. The Liberty II got me right back into audio bliss after my time lost in a desert of silence… waiting.

Yes, I would have liked to see a manual specific to the Liberty II on the Mytek site. I read the manual for the original Liberty model and it did help some. There is absolutely no paperwork in the box at all, just the hardware. Also, I tried to download the app so I could check and load new software when needed. It’s not available on the Apple App Store, just from the Mytek site. I have a new Mac with the latest software but couldn’t get past the error messages.

So I decided just to go with the flow and enjoy the music. And the Liberty II really delivers. I love this DAC! Compared to my iFi Pro iDSD I would say I can hear deeper into the music. More clarity and detail, but not in a way that causes fatigue. More detail in a way that makes me want to keep turning the volume up! I love the simplicity… the singleminded and streamlined purpose in the features and controls of this DAC. It just plays music beautifully.

So, if you don’t need all those fab “Swiss army knife” features of the iDSD (which I do love), then the Liberty II will get you as good or better sound for half the price.

I had to send my original BB for repairs - it started making static noises out of one of the headphone outputs. I was able to secure an RMA from Mytek but after that one email, they have not replied a single additional message. It’s been 2 weeks since Fedex delivered my unit to them – I don’t want to read too much into lack of email responsiveness but I sure hope to get my unit back relatively soon. It’s still under warranty until November…