Writing roon infos/lyrics/cover etc. to ID3-Tags?

Is there any workaround to write the roon infos to the ID3 tags in the audio files?

You can use Roon’s export functionality:

Any data that not get written to file tags using this method is obviously not supported and you have to resort to using external tagging tools to insert them into your files if needed.

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thank u, that sounds interesting. However, I did not intend to export my media library. Is there a way to do this with the current media library?

You can use a third-party tool to write ID3 tags into the audio files. Roon does not modify the audio files by design in Roon itself. All metadata is only stored in Roon’s database.

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can you name one of these tools? :slight_smile:

would be mad to export the hole library and import it back to my system :sweat_smile:

Looking through the forum, there are lots…
SongKong ( the developer is a member of the Roon Community)
Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, …)

I use dBpoweramp myself, but as you can see there’s plenty of choice…

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and all these Tools write Roon-Infos to id3-Tags??? :gedämpft:

Ah sorry - you want explicitly to take the content of Roon’s database, and write the metadata into ID3 tags?

Then no - these tools are for editing metadata directly in the audio files.

As @BlackJack said - the only way to transfer metadata from Roon’s database into the audio files is to use Roon’s Export function to create copies of the files with basic metadata in them. And “basic” metadata will not include all of Roon’s rich metadata - for example, lyrics will not be included.

Can I ask why you want to do this?

Can I ask why you want to do this?

of course :sunglasses:
to load music to my iphone or ipad i use itunes too on my core (mac mini) because its the only way to do that (and i like to have an alternative option to play music if roon eucks once :sunglasses: ). that’s not so stupid because itunes has a good tagger (especially in combination with tune instructor) and automatically sorts my files into a practical folder structure. roon monitors the itunes folder and imports everything.

and there is also a plex server running on the computer so that my media library is also available on the go

but itunes does not recognize it as well as roon and does not add any data automatically (cover, for example and over all cd numbers - this is something itunes cannot handle very well :roll_eyes:). writing this info from roon into the id3 tags would save a gigantic amount of work to have these files tagged perfectly in itunes as well.

if there is no tool for this yet, it would be high time for a corresponding roon extension :wink:

Of course I could also export the entire media library to an external drive and then import it again, but that would actually be nonsense :sunglasses: but apparently the only possible solution

So why not export (a subset of?) your Roon library to a root folder that Plex is using? That would give you the ability to listen to your albums (or a subset thereof) on the go using Plex?

Storage is relatively cheap these days - and a copy on a separate drive would also act as a backup…

Then again - I know it’s been years in the making, but I understand that Roon Labs is still working on ways to listen to your library while on the move…


This might be a Solution, but a very uncomfortable :roll_eyes:

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