Wrong Annie Lennox credit on first Eurythmics album

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Eurythmics: In the Garden

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Qobuz, Tidal

Screenshot of import settings


Description of the issue

Yet another embarrassment for the metadata service editors

Noted and email sent to TiVo, who are at fault here.

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I’m on holiday for another week. I fired off a quick email for the first issue, because it was straightforward…

Not trying to be pissy, but I would prefer different issues to be posted in different threads; it makes the specific issues more easily trackable. This thread is now one where I’ve actioned only part of it…

OK, I will post different threads next time I have a laptop but it will be 8 or so :slight_smile:

Please be sensible. :pray: :slight_smile:

My gripe here was that I actioned the thread and then more issues were added to the same thread.

I understand the gripe, I had thought that maybe keeping similar Eurythmics issues in one thread might be good, but apparently not. OK, so you wanted separate threads and I’m happy to do that, but there are at least 9 different errors as per the above screenshots, and now it seems you don’t want that either? What should I do then? (Other than ignore them)

I’ll move them into a new thread and clean this one up.

Thank you, I’ll do better next time

Hey, no need to apologise. You are 100% within your rights to report this rubbish which we (directly) and you (indirectly) pay for. I was just trying to stop the new issues getting lost (I should have just broken them out into a new thread straightaway).

We have lots to do in 2024 data-wise, and much of it will be non-visible, but I’d already planned to take another look at our metadata source preferences next year (and the consequences of throwing away credits from one metadata source when we have “enough” from a potentially more reliable metadata source).

The simple truths are that (a) metadata sources which are globally comprehensive, accurate, and usable just don’t exist, and (b) Roon is rather good at exposing these inadequacies. :roll_eyes:


Hi @Suedkiez. The credits for Eurythmics: In the Garden (and other Eurythmics/Lennox albums) are now correct on our servers. As usual, please allow up to a week for the updated metadata to be pulled into your library.

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