Wrong image for Alina Ibragimova -- seeing Bach instead of Alina


This ‘Alina Ibragimove’ surely looks like a well-known composer…

After spending days and day on my perfectly tagged (classica) files I’m now about to quit Roon alltogether.
Everytime (really) I add an (unknown) classical album, I have to check composers, artists, images, titles, works, movements and what all.

I installed Minimserver, am totally happy with the metadata, and will accept the minimal difference in audio quality.

There are a few reasons why this may have happened, and mistakes happen… I’ve just looked and the image is different to yours…. We can try to help, it’s up to you! If you’ve made your decision, good luck.

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In Roon, I see this:

Which, as others are pointing out, is coming from Valence Art Director here.

If you are seeing Bach for Alina, my guess is that you have an image of Bach in your content, and Roon is set to prefer your images over ours.

Is Minimserver showing you a proper photo of Alina? If so, I’m curious to know where they are finding it.

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