Wrong location for local search

When looking for stations in the “local” section, I get stations from a different location. I assume Roon is using a location from my ISP IP address, but this is quite some distance from my area. Is there a way to specify a “local” search area?

If you look under “categories” select “locations” then drill down from there for your location or any other location you want.

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That doesn’t work, it only allows me to select my state, then it shows me the same list of “local” stations based on something not in my area.

You can try using the radius selector,

beyond that if there are stations you are looking for and they have streams they should be able to be added. Not sure if there is a way to adjust the “location” Roon is using. Mine is giving me radio stations that are no closer than 100+ miles away, though. I live in the sticks… YMMV


There isn’t as far as I know. Roon uses
to determine your location.

Yeah, and that is “in the ball park” but over 60 miles off. But it may be all they can do.

Mine says I’m in Hartford NJ, but I’m in Edmonds WA (near Seattle). Soooooo…

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