Wrong lyrics: Cheap Trick (1977 first album)

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes Roon has identified it fine

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local. Is this “a screenshot of the file tags”?

Screenshot of import settings

Can’t do it in one!

Description of the issue

Lyrics of all tracks EXCEPT 3 (Taxman, Mr Thief) and 4 (Cry, Cry) are completely wrong. For example, 1 (ELO Kiddies) shows as

whereas they should be

Well? :thinking:

These come from a faulty metadata source, there are so many examples I’ve lost track now. If it’s a local track, it appears to be as it’s analysed, you can replace the lyrics yourself. Here’s some background on Roon’s lyrical magic:

and here’s a guide to customising lyrics for local files (thanks @Rugby)

Thanks! I’ve added the correct (I hope!) lyrics to all the tracks on the album using Tag & Rename.

If I change Import Settings: Lyrics from Prefer Roon to Prefer File, won’t that mean that to have any lyrics at all I’m going to have to embed them in all my albums? I can’t see a way of changing preferences for individual albums or tracks. Other tags certainly, but not lyrics.

If you prefer local globally, I’m pretty sure that Roon will still use the lyrics from online sources if there are no local ones. (Hence “prefer”). But you can simply try that out.

And if you go to album > Edit or track > Edit, there is a metadata preferences panel as well, the one in the middle

Tried it and it seems to work perfectly. Obviously I have to hope that I haven’t got any embedded lyrics that are rubbish and get picked up by this global change.

Regarding your second para, the “metadata preferences” appears to exclude lyrics, so a global change is the only control there is. I wonder why?

Huh, I never noticed that that’s missing. I just added local lyrics where I found it worthwhile/necessary and never had an issue beyond that, so I probably never looked close enough

Yeah it’s hardly going to prompt me to start making passive aggressive posts about ditching Roon!

It would be nice to have that granular control though. I start off with the assumption that Roon is always right, except when it isn’t; and then correct the few things that need it.


This seems like it’s broken. If the song title, artist, album, etc are completely different - which was the case in the OP case, and was the case for me this afternoon (SRV Tin Pan Alley had lyrics from Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”), then the genius AI is finding an unlikely hash that matches or some such thing. I fought this nonsense 20 years ago - would have thought there was a better mousetrap…

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