Wrong photo of famous artist? How do I correct it?

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I was looking at the album “Decade” by “Lee Konitz” and his photo showed a young asian girl, this has happened before but this is the first time I’ve asked why? Is there anything I can do about it?

This is probably because Roon is using the following artist image which, when cropped to other sizes, focusses on the young woman on the left. If you’d like to change the image click the three dots to the right of the play now button, then ‘Edit…’, then add a new image.

The young woman is Grace Kelly who studied with Konitz and recorded a well-received album with him, named in true Konitzian fashion, GRACEfulLEE. But, yes, Roon’s image software does a very poor job. (For the record, Kelly was born in Massachusetts.)

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Hello @Rob_Davis

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As @DaveN corrected stated, Lee’s photo here is depicting Grace rather than Lee in the icon image. You can address this immediately using the method that David recommended if you prefer a different image altogether for Konitz.

We thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have some exciting things in store soon for artist images in Roon.


As @jamie hinted, Art Director is the new way to do this.

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