Wrong static IP address - how to recover

j’ai indiqué une adresse ip statique erronée, donc acces à Nucleus impossible, j’ai connecté un cable USB sur le reseau mais je ne trouve pas le moyen d’acceder à Nucleus via ce cable USB.


I indicated an incorrect static IP address, so access to Nucleus impossible, I connected a USB cable on the network but I can’t find a way to access Nucleus via this USB cable.

Sorry, I can read French a little but cannot write it well. Hope I can help.

Nucleus manual says:

If you accidentally enter an incorrect static IP and your machine is left unreachable, you can use a second network interface to help get out of this situation (because it will be configured by default to use DHCP).

Configuring a second network interface

If you use a USB network adapter with Nucleus, it will populate itself with a second network interface. This second interface will appear as a new tab under the Networking section and can be configured the same way as the onboard gigabit ethernet port.

Thanks for the reply, I did what you say, but I can’t find a way to use the second interface

I think you have to look for the Nucleus on another computer? Like how you set it up initially?

Let me also call @support for you.

What is incorrect about it?

If it is using the same subnet as your router, then you should be able to go into your router software and associate the address you entered in the Nucleus with the Nucleus MAC address.

Did you try something like this -


BTW - Once you get this straightened out, do NOT set a new static address in the Nucleus.
Instead, go into your router software and DO set a reserved address.

Why, you ask? Short answer is that if you had done that in the first place, this situation wouldn’t have occurred. Don’t know why Roon even allows people to enter static addresses.

If you know how you mis-typed the static address (incorrectly), you can also manually configure a laptop to the same (erroneous) subnet, thus being able to change the Nucleus IP back via the GUI.

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Hi @Michel_Maquet,

Can you clarify what kind of USB adapter you’re using?

If you know the IP address you entered you can try navigating to the Nucleus Web Administration Interface as mentioned above to correct this as well.


I tried to use my laptop but no access possible
the address imposed in nucleus =, and mask under network,
maybe this is where i was wrong because i had to use

I use a USB socket with a cable and a network socket on the other side
the address imposed in nucleus =, and mask under network,
maybe this is where i was wrong because i had to use
but I cannot connect, however the ping works and I see the nucleus in my router interface with the correct address above

Yes, this is definitely a problem, as you set your subnet to a /32 (eg only itself). If you set your gateway address manually on the Nucleus (likely to your router address), you could try connecting your laptop and Nucleus as the only devices on a switch, set your laptop manually to the gateway IP, leaving the wide /24 subnet ( This might work, but I have not tried it.

Otherwise, you might need to re-install. Or attach a separate USB Ethernet adapter which should default to DHCP. I’ll defer to @support on this though.

I just tried, but it doesn’t take 256, is that the @support can help me?
Thank you

.256 isn’t a valid IP — are you sure that this is your gateway IP? Or at least what you entered?

Hi @Michel_Maquet,

Can you connect the Nucleus to a monitor via HDMI and a Keyboard via USB? After this type press ENTER, type resetnetwork and then press ENTER again. This should reset the network settings for you.


Thanks for the solution

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