Wrong title of track 8 of "In Pace - Music from Renaissance Europe" by The Clerks of Christ Church

Roon is showing the title of the referenced track as “O Vos Omnes I - Tomás Luis de Victoria (Spain).” It should be, according to the CD’s booklet, “O Quam Gloriosum Est Regnum” (but still by de Victoria). I cannot get the title changed; I played with Track Editor with no success.

It seems at least 1 external database, FreeDB.org (the only place I’ve found this album), has this mistake (see below), so possibly Roon is getting its information from a place like that (and I found that dbPoweramp CD Ripper also shows the wrong title for track 8, so that utility is using some similar database). How to fix what Roon is showing?

At present, this album shows as “unidentified.” Is there a way to get it identified via information at FreeDB.org (manual search turns up no matches)?

I don’t believe so. Unfortunately, I don’t think that we have this album in our database.