Wrong work assigned on classical album

Can somebody explain this? The tags for tracks 5-8 are correct. I have double and triple checked them. I have made sure the work tag for those tracks EXACTLY matches the composition in Roon, word for word, punctuation for punctuation. There is no reference in those tags to symphony No. 2. I have rescanned the album many times. I don’t know what to do next. Roon is just terrible for classical collections.

Assuming you have tried and failed to identify the album, then I would reimport the album into my library. To do that:

  1. Copy the complete album somewhere else. Once you’re sure it’s safe, delete the old library copy.
  2. Go to Roon/Settings/Library/Clean Up Library/ and Clean Up X Deleted Files to remove all former vestiges of the album.
  3. Optionally but recommended, open the copied version with your tagger app (I use Yate) and one more time, visually inspect the tags, particularly WORK and PART, for accuracy and consistency. Some errors, like invisible characters, can be hard to detect.
  4. Once the album is scrubbed and spiffed, transfer the files back to Roon’s import folder. Prayer is optional. Good luck.

Is this a solo album or one of the CD’s in a box set ?

This is a solo album downloaded from Pristine Classical. It wouldn’t be identifiable (but I did try). Did all the steps in John_V’s reply and no go. I checked the tags with 2 different apps MP3Tag & PerfectTunes and they are all correct as far as I can see. I wish we could manually connect tracks to a work because Roon can’t seem to do it consistently and correctly.

Sorry, but I think you’ve made an error in your metadata somewhere.

I’ve just downloaded this album from Pristine Classical, added the WORK/PART tags, and corrected some of the existing metadata in the files. For example, changed the delimiter between the artist names from a comma to a semicolon, and given the full names of Schuricht and Beethoven.

The result:

Exactly what I did. Here’s an example of the tags on one track. The other tracks are the same (except for the Part tag of course). Can I ask what exactly you put in your work tag?

When you cleaned up your library, did you also delete all the now empty folders?

Oh, and I moved all the PDFs into the top-level folder, but I think that wouldn’t affect the mis-naming that you are seeing.

I fear you are dealing with a common problem with digital reissues of classical works: the particular combination of works in the reissue may not actually exist in any released album that metadata sources know about. I looked in AllMusic, which is where Roon licenses much of its metadata from, and I could not find any Schuricht album with Beethoven symphonies 2 and 3. If that combination ever existed as a release, it’s not on AllMusic.

Your WORK tag looks right to me, here’s what AllMusic has “Symphony No. 3 in E flat major (“Eroica”), Op. 55” but as @John_V and @Geoff_Coupe noted, Roon can get confused when first ingesting a recording, and the best is to start from scratch as they noted.

Well the problem gets weirder! I performed a Roon update today and went in and noticed the following: Volume 2 now has both works labeled as Symphony n. 5!?! And Volume 1 which was OK now has Symphony no. 6 as Symphony No. 5. What the heck is going on?

@John_Swanson_Swanson I think you need to show us track TITLE, WORK, and PART tags for all tracks on that album.

I agree with @joel, please show us the details. You can configure Mp3tag to include the WORK/PART metadata. Here’s what I have:

The album is still showing correctly in my library following the last update of Roon.

Here are screen grabs of the first tracks of each work. rest assured that the other tracks are identical as to work and title.

Hang about - so we are talking about two albums now, rather than the one that you originally posted about?

Time for me to get the second album and see what happens, I suppose.

Well, after slight corrections to the metadata, and adding the WORK/PART details, volume 1 is as expected as well:

Yes. The other album was OK until I did the update.

Both albums OK here, and I’ve had the Roon Update…

Going to delete and re-download and re-tag to see what happens. I have restarted Roon and flushed the cache but no change. I went and looked at my other Pristine Classical albums and my Toscanini and Klemperer Beethoven cycles have all symphonies as no. 5! Tags are correct. The only other thing I noticed was symphony No. 4 in my Mravinsky Tchaikovsky set was under Russian Easter Overture. A quick check of the tags indicate they are right. What a mess!

Follow up…I checked several other Beethoven symphony albums. Symphony 5 is all over the place…mostly for symphonies 3, 6 and 9. Includes my ripped/downloaded and tagged discs and Qobuz discs that I wouldn’t have tagged. Something is seriously wrong with my database. I wonder if a Roon tech can chime in and see what I can do.

Just a thought - but when you download albums, are you first downloading them into a “staging” area, or directly into a Roon Watched Folder?

Staging area, tagged then moved to Roon monitored folder.