Wrong work: how to correct

One track on this disc:

Is incorrectly entered at TiVo. Disc 2 Track 10 is not the work listed but a totally different one with the same title, written in the same year, but for clarinet. It is not an arrangement of the other work, it sounds completely different.

I have three performance listed of the erroneous work. Two are indeed of the work for trombone and double bass, one is this falsely connected track. If I only had one of this work, I know I could edit the work to correct it. But I can’t see a way of splitting off the single performance so that it is correctly listed as a single work.

(Obviously if the album were unidentified, or if I were to back out of the identification altogether and use file tags, the problem would go away. But then so would the review, performance dates, all the credits etc…)

Any solution?

posting here, just in case you get an answer, 'cause I have a similar issue: two tracks being swapped in identified album vs how they actually are on real album
can’t fix it myself because credits (associated performer) do not move along with track’s title: looks they’re tied to track position :neutral_face:


I don’t see that’s the same problem, unless the works in question you have multiples of. If not, you should be able to fix, including editing the credits for the tracks.

not same: similar
it’s about how to force Roon at using track’s metadata also for identified albums :wink:

@Ludwig Not at this time. In this case, I can probably get Rovi to correct it.

@pl_svn We’re discussing possibilities internally.

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