WTB: 1m Wireworld Silver Starlight USB A to B

In Chicago. Happy to cover shipping and pay quickly with Zelle. Thanks for looking.

Try thecableco.com for this item.

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That is where I got mine.

Yeah, I used to buy most of my cables there until they got snotty with me about canceling an order that hadn’t even shipped yet.

Too bad.

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Thanks all. Checked usedcables and Audiogon. Nothing available. What is out there has a mini usb connection. I need full size.

Would love to hear from anyone else with leads or offers.

Still looking. Thanks

The pulldown here has both regular and micro b connections.

USB 3.0 Type A to Type B/Micro B Audio Wire | Wireworld (wireworldcable.com)

Thanks Paul. I’m looking for the silver starlight. They don’t make it anymore.

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