WTB: Balanced to 1/4'' single ended headphone adapter

I’ve recently discovered I can use my balanced headphone cable from my Focal Clears with my Chord Hugo 2 dac if I can find an adapter.

Finding one outside of the US that will ship to me in Ireland is proving problematic, so hoping somebody has one knocking about they would be happy to sell to me


If you don’t have any luck with a private party sale, this seller is excellent. I have bought several cables from him. Work is excellent and he will ship to Ireland. He will also do custom cables with higher end cabling (Neotech, Cardas).

Cool, thanks for the quick response, I’ll check that out!

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Check out Moon Audio. They will make it custom for you.

I did but after shipping and import taxes, it was much more than I wanted to spend on an adapter

UK-based eBay seller that will make custom cables.