WTB: Intel NUC with ROCK installed

Hello, looking to buy a new NUC with ROCK installed or a used one in perfect conditions. Want to buy pre-installed cause I am no expert in doing such things.
Any offers please? Should be a i5 NUC.

I think such a thing is called a Nucleus. The whole idea of Rock is it’s DIY, though someone upgrading may have one available. Where are you?

Hey, I know Nucleus. I am from Austria. Perhaps someone can buy all the needed components, install ROCK and send it to me (I will pay for the set-up).

Hi Eric
I have better an i7 running Roon , perfect condition.


How much and Wehre are you from?

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I am selling an Intel NUC i5 / 1.6Ghz / 128 SSD / 8GB with power supply- $5000

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PM sent

Snarky, but sort of fitting the request.

Hello, I have a 5th Gen Intel Nuc with ROCK installed with all the latest updates. i5, 8gb Ram & 256gb SSD drive PERFECT condition. $500.00 USD + shippiing