WTB: RPi 3B+ or 4 with 8GB. RAM

Need I say anything more? Plus good if it comes with the power supply and a micro sd card (since I don’t have one handy).

In Santa Fe, New Mexico

You might want to say where you live, to allow for someone near by to ship.


Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA…:wink:

I assumed that anyone who sees “New” before Mexico would know it’s in the US. We’re the only ones who takes other people’s place names and use it or put an appendage on it. :grinning:

BTW my first piece of cultural education when I moved to NM: “it’s not new and it’s not Mexico.”

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You do have the benefit of local knowledge, most of us Europeans would have to check with Google Maps :grin:

For the benefit of other Non-US citizens….

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Don’t forget Australia taking South Wales and adding new to it.
But they were all thieves at that time :rofl:
Thankfully they have made a lot of progress since then :smile_cat:

Is there an old South Wales?

Though due to a couple of Netflix shows, almost every English speaking person alive and (with a Netflix account and good taste) would know this :scream:

Have I given enough outs not too upset too many people :thinking:

Yes, I live there.
Though we just call it South Wales, which happens to be in the South of Wales, the Western part of the mainland UK :grin:

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I haven’t watched Breaking Bad and I live here…

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I meant a place called “South Wales”. I know you can call the southern part of Wales South Wales. But “New South Wales” implies that originally there was a place specifically called South Wales. Or maybe the first settler of what is now NSW was from the southern part of Wales and loved it so much that…

Anyway I hope someone has an RPi

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Well at least you have an excuse, you lived through it :rofl:

They were a lot of prisoners from South Wales :roll_eyes:

(I should have said it was a penal colony)

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What’s Netflix? :thinking:

That thing you turn on and spend an hour on trying to find something to watch (at least that’s me) and then turn off

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You have too much taste for me tell you :roll_eyes:

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I have a couple of Pi’s but it’s too far to send them sorry :grin:

The recommendation is to sign up for one of the distributors and they will email you when they come into stock

My son spent two years in Australia getting his MBA at the University Of New South Wales. It’s the Australian Graduate School Of Management.

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i’m looking (quietly) for a 3b+ or above….