WTB: Tube Receiver, Fisher X-202B or X-202C

Wanted to dip my toes into the world of tube amps to go with my new/used Klipsch.

I thought that maybe The Fisher X-202B or X-202C might be a greta place to start.

That said, working condition would be better, but would consider non working as well.

US only, please.

I’m sure you’ve seen this one on eBay

Another solid little integrated tube amp is the Dyna SCA-35. They tend to sell for less money too. about 12wpc vs the ~25wpc of the 7591’s in the 202.


Thanks, Sheldon. Great tip however they are not quite as sexy.

you might consider the Quad VA One+. not vintage, but certainly has a vintage look, tubes, but also includes a dac that will play DSD. i have one and am quite happy with it.