‘X Years Later’ posts recently. Can they not be closed en masse

I have seen many ‘X Years Later’ posts recently. Can they not be closed en masse to prevent these zombie posts being resurrected?


I’ve seen some occurrences of this where the topics are clearly outdated for today’s Roon. For these I manually close the topic (like I’ve just done to topic you are referring to).

There are pros and cons of course but I tend to agree that most topics could be automatically closed after a period of inactivity.

For the non-support categories I’m thinking 1 year, what are your thoughts?

I forsee some other exceptions to consider as well such as #roon:feature-requests.

Let me check with the mods and Roon admin to see what’s possible.


It’s a tough cookie.
I have found some threads from a good three years back that we’re still useful and relevant…to myself at least.
Hard to pick an arbitrary time line limit I fear.

As long as we can still see and read them, we don’t need to post to 4 and 5 year old threads. I just found a solution I needed for my Oppo 203 in a thread from 2017.

Of course, still available to read and search, just closing old and possibly no longer relevant threads (Roon has changed quite a bit in the last 5 years). I can only assume that when people reply they don’t realise the age of the thread? Closing them would force the poster to create a new topic, so would be more relevant to current Roon release and users and increase thread relevance.

I thought that every thread was closed automatically now, so many days after last reply? Not sure what controls this time period.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea because of the material changes that have taken place in the software, aside from those feature requests operating on geological timescales.

Discourse also makes it really easy to create new topics that link back from old posts image
but perhaps not too many people are aware of the function.

or shorter

I was thinking two years.

Sold! :slight_smile: with some extra characters thrown in.

Does less data beget more information?

Hi @JMP,
That’s an interesting question, I think I understand your message … but not sure why do you say “less data” unless you think closing a topic means hiding it… that’s not the case they would still be accessible.

Maybe I misunderstood your original post Carl.
You are saying to close the topic to allowing further posting but not to remove the topic from the forums so it would still be available for access at any time correct
In that case I would have to agree that 1 year should be more than enough.


@Carl - I was implying that by preventing people from replying to outdated, irrelevant, or obsolete threads, we would increase the quality of information within the community.

I am in favor of locking threads sooner than later.


Just because a thread is older does not mean it is any of the above. Locking older threads, imho, does nothing to increase the quality of information.