xPRESS Audio Keypad

Will this keypad work with Sonos when using Roon?

Does anyone have an answer to this? Thanks!

I would expect this to work approximately the same way as the controls on the Sonos hardware or the official Sonos app. That is, the volume controls generally work, the playback controls will cause Roon to stop streaming to the Sonos with an error message.

It’s probably possible to get these keypads to talk to Roon directly using our API and an extension, but I don’t think that extension exists.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m using the Lutron Caseta Pico Audio for Sonos remote. It controls the volume and Play/Pause but not Track Forward. I would really love it if it could. I like having the remote so I don’t need to open the app and wait for the app to load in order to drop the volume a bit or pause the music. I don’t use Track Forward as often but when in Radio Mode, there are times I would like to skip to the next song.

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