Yamaha R-N800A USB DAC

Anybody try Raspberry Pi 4 with Ropieee installed in new models of amplifier Yamaha R-N800A, R-N1000A or R-N2000A. This model have USB DAC input. In Yamaha manual I read that this input should connect with PC or Mac Laptops with Yamaha Steinberg Driver. I reed in USA or UK test material that this amplifier works with other external DAC with USB connections. I want add Roon Endpoint Device Raspberry Pi 4 + RoPieee before I will buy this stuff :slight_smile:

Maybe this information will be ok for You.

Today I tested new Yamaha R-N800A with RoPieee on Raspberry Pi 4. I can only say works great!!!

Maybe this first post about it on Internet :slight_smile:

DSD 256, PCM 384 kHz works without HAT.