YEAR tag question

I tag with Metadatics (Mac), and I entered ‘1974’ in the proverbial YEAR tag.

Am I correct to say Roon ignores any YEAR tag data, because it looks like it does to me.

If otherwise, please tell me what it does map to.

Well, I’m using YATE for tagging (and like it); also, for compatibility with certain mobile devices my audio files are all packed into mp4 container. My experience so far:
“Year” values supported are “Released” and “Originally Released”; checked this with some unidentified albums and roon properly shows the values for “released” and “originally released” from the respective file tags of those albums.

roon: “Released” is what your file tag: “Year” most likely maps to. But Metadatics may do tag mapping differently and then there’s ID3v2.3 vs. ID3v2.4 in case you use flac which could affect the experience… …my experiments with mp4 showed that this is usually accurate - if “file” is listed as metadata source there, it works. :wink:

Hey thanks for the YATE idea! I figured out why my YEAR tag got ignored: Roon IDed the album and used its Released Year instead. I just didn’t click the “Prefer File” button.

Gonna take YATE out for a spin now. Thx again.

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