Your favourite 4 ECM albums?

From reading the What we are listening to [20xx] thread (as well as an unhealthy amount of goth!) there are a lot of albums from ECM.
I know this will nearly kill some of you to pick just 4 and I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of the 4 I picked from my modest 32 ECM albums, but it would develop a great resource and the just 4 should keep the thread from being monopolised by one person’s taste.
(To cater for the huge ECM fans amongst you perhaps a post each month of another 4 would allow the thread to live and avoid the monopoly mentioned above).

I don’t have the vocabulary to describe music, these are all just beautiful albums that insinuate themselves on repeated listening. I’m a drums fan and am surprised that 2 of my 4 don’t have drummers on board. It speaks for the rhythm therein.

These 4 were my first 4 puraches after Bob Stenson and Jan Garbarek’s rarum.
They have led me to populate my collection with a lot more Jarret, Garbarek, Towner and Peacock.

Over you you…



I really enjoy ECM labels, unfortunately Tidal does not have any of the 4 you posted. Guess I could use Youtube for a preview.

I would have put a different Garberek live recording (Beethovenfest, Bonn, 2015) which I think is even better than the Dresden concert - but that isn’t on ECM.

Ouch, difficult to choose, recency effect and all that. Don’t have my full Roon collection at hand, since I’m flying FRA>SFO listening to music on my DAP, but here my completely unsystematic top 4:

Charles Lloyd: Mirror
Anouar Brahem: Astrakan Café
David Virelles: Mbòkó

and for a timeless classic

David Holland: Conference of the Birds

My ECM collection is rather modest (167 albums).
It seems Anouar Brahem is loved by already 2 persons and he’s also one of my favorite ECM artists.
“The Astounding Eyes Of Rita” is my favorite ECM album these days

So here’s my top 4

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Oh boy… About killing one’s darlings… Anyway, here you go:

Ask me again tomorrow and you’ll get four different answers.

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You guys are forcing me to grow my library with all those recs :wink:

anything by/with Anja Lechner or Vassilis Tsabropoulos

Yes, Bonn is not on ECM. But is essential for Garbarek.

Thought about choosing 5. Is not possible for me. I have a huge ECM collection and preferences change.
I post my actual favorites… on the “main” thread

C’mon… Be a sport and just pick four. And next month… And that month after that.

You’ll reach 40 by the end of the year! :smiley:

In April I post another 5 of my favorites!


Rothko Chapel!

I just knew you’d come up with something I needed to hear. :wink:

how comes I forgot “Quercus”? :facepalm:




ok, then…

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very nice.
I like them all a lot.
Beautiful selection.

Arve Henriksen - Cartography
Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert
Susanne Abbuehl - The Gift
Keith Jarrett - Sun Bear Concerts

A To refresh my memory I looked at Most Played with a focus on ECM. Which isn’t as easy as it seems, there is ECM and ecm and ECM Records and ECM New Series. (Have to tidy that up.)

I’ll list four albums, but the very point of Roon is the ease of browsing, so even though I list an album by Battaglia and Brahem and Saluzzi and Kechner and Iyer and Smith, I really mean those guys’ entire oeuvre.