Your favourite albums?

Just listening to The Rainbow, in 24/96, on Spirit of Eden…wow, great stuff!
As you say, I need to add Colour of Spring.

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Great stuff. My fave track is new grass on laughing stock.

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My pick is St. Vincent (self titled)
I first saw her perform on SNL a few years ago and I had not heard anything quite like it. Vocals need some work, lyrics are wonderful, and musician ship is outstanding! Then I saw her performance with Nirvana during their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This was also my very first hi-res audio purchase ever and is one of my reference albums.

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O, how I wish I could discover these albums for the first time all over again…


My choice for January.
Total Musik by Sigi Schwab, Chris Hinze and Jasper van’t Hof from 1982
One of my favorite jazz albums. Three virtuosi together. Loved it on Vinyl in the 80s, later on CD and now through Roon :slight_smile:

After I can’t get it identified in Roon, surprised that it is available on Tidal.

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In a similar vain to the Talk Talk album I recommended earlier, this is one of those haunting albums for late night listening that sounds fabulous.
Miss De Biasio’s vocals are truly haunting and the instruments sound marvellous, especially the array of different drums. Very highly recommended.


When you have something on repeat 24/7 for over three days already, doesn’t the question pretty much answer itself…? :wink: Since 1997 I pretty much limited myself to her Cole Porter Songbook, perhaps also the Gershwin and Ellington Songbooks, but although I played all of her Songbooks, it wasn’t until this week that this one really kicked in.

Just listen to #2 (“A Fine Romance”)… the way the Nelson Riddle Orchestra kicks in! No synth can even approach this today… (yawn, old soul talking here, born way after this was recorded…;-))


Just listening to this, sounds very promising. Good call.


If I can be so bold to add another criterion, that the album is available on Tidal.
This is a thread for sharing great music and being able to access that music is a worthwhile addition to the “rules”.


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I spent an inordinate amount of time this month listening to Miles Davis ‘The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions’… Every time is like the first time… and I have listened many, many times over the years.

Lila Downs - Tree of Life - “Semilla De Piedra”

I’ve played this track a thousand times.


Thanks Wayne,
Just downloaded ‘No Deal’ - another great album!

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All her other albums are good Paul, especially Blackened Cities which is a single 24 minute track


Just listening to ‘Blackened Cities’ now, great track!


I’m not subscribed to Tidal (so no idea if the following album is available there).

Gordon Giltrap: Perilous Journey

I bought it on vinyl when it was released in 1977 and again on CD.

The track ‘Heartsong’ was used as a theme tune for a travel programme on BBC Television and also nominated for an Ivor Novello Award.

The album was remastered in 2013.

Highly recommended!


Tool: Ænima

Released in 1996

Triple platinum album dedicated to stand-up comedian Bill Hicks who had died 2.5 years earlier.


Elizabeth Shepherd ‎– The Signal

Found her via Miss De Biasio… Elizabeth Shephard has very nice soothing sounds plus her own approach to jazz… Refreshing. Can’t count anymore how many times I listened to The Signal.

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Wow! I almost forgot about this one! You just made me flashback to highschool!

I searched for Tool, but Roon can’t find the artist in Tidal? That’s the first time that’s happened to me. :thinking:

Nope, no Tool on Tidal. Not on Spotify, either. There are still a few holdouts - King Crimson is another. Steven Wilson kept his catalogue off of streaming services for a long time, but he has recently made most of it available. Some of his releases with Porcupine Tree still aren’t available because of record label contract issues (surprise?!). Wilson was interviewed about his change of heart and said that after Prince’s death, he realized how difficult it was to help other people discover Prince’s music with modern-day discovery tools (no pun intended, see first line of post) like Spotify and YouTube because of the ridiculously tight control Prince kept over his catalog. Wilson realized that if the goal of a musician is for people to hear his music, it needs to be available where people look. It was an interesting interview from a musician I admire greatly, on a few levels. If I can find a link, I’ll post it. Cheers!