Your favourite albums?

(Robert Imhoff) #203


My local radio station, WUMB Boston, has been playing this album a lot, and I agree its special. I was surprised to learn that its not new. Highly Recommended!..Rob

Your Album of the Year (2018)
(Philip Murray) #204

Lovely album. The Re-mix version might upset some purists but I quite like it.

(Wayne Bull) #205

Her latest album Lilies is also excellent…

(Philip Murray) #206

Agreed. I also have that.

(Jimmytwotimes) #207

My favorite album of all time :


(Philip Murray) #208

Really started off liking this a lot, until the soprano sax came in and IMHO it is out of tune (and on other tracks as well). Shame. From experience out of tune soprano sax players do not play that horn as their main horn (reminds me of that great out of tune scene from Whiplash), hence me having two soprano saxes and not playing either of them. I suppose for the classic Big Band sound I would recommend:RoonShareImage-636822811696370530

(Ged) #209

Such a great record, can blow your socks off.

(Philip Murray) #210

For any Basie “virgins” I would check out any of his albums with Sammy Nestico arrangements. The Atomic Mr Basie has Neal Hefti (of Batman fame) arrangements.