Your favourite spooky themes courtesy of the theremin

All your favourite spooky themes courtesy of the theremin.

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Just watch “Forbidden Planet” – all the theremin you’ll ever need!


Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) used it now and then too

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Clearly I am uncultured, if it’s good enough for Jimmy :sob:


I honestly didn’t think anyone wouldn’t know what it was :sweat_smile:


If I had even the slightest musical ability I’d buy one. Have looked longingly in the past.

Super version


Yep, that looks very cool, and sounds great. And just in case anyone doesn’t click through on Ged’s link, I’ve linked the video below - it’s well worth watching.


Hey - Bebe and Louis Barron did not use a theremin in the creation of their soundtrack for Forbidden Planet:grinning:

Lovely - and he looks just how I would expect a theremin player to look…

Now, what do I want? A theremin, or an Ondes Martenot? Oh, decisions, decisions…

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The score did not, but it’s still in there, in addition. Also “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, and “The Thing From Another World”. And perhaps my favorite, the only movie Dr. Seuss designed, “The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T”. Chilling.

EDIT: I’m doubting the AVClub article now. If we look in a book, instead of random Web articles, this seems to imply no theremin.

And for spooky don’t forget the water phone

If you want spooky, you should also check out the Swarmatron, introduced at about 8:25 in the following video:

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Oooh captain scarlet, the mysterons that’s spooky.


This is an advertising campaign for Mercedes that I was involved in and as the agency needed someone with audio geek skills :sunglasses: … there were several experiments with sound being the key “ingredient” - I didnt do the Theramin one but I did two others included with frequency of sound generated to affect things… namely particles (sand) and water. Enjoy - it was a lot of fun… .speakers used were an old Sunfire Subwoofer and an Emotiva spare speaker driver. both were connected to a small amplifier and a PC using a sinewave signal generator program. The knob turning was faked :wink:


I like the hose pipe

I’m seeing something like that every morning after firing up the system, then using the bathroom…


I once had a link to plans to build one of those devices. It’s basically a metal plate (preferably with a small fence to keep things in place), a speaker, and a tone generator.

Of interest is that when the sound of ‘Om’ is intoned, the sand pattern coalesces into a mandala.

The documentary “Theremin” is pretty good.

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