Your Nomination for Best CLASSICAL Radio Station

Indicate the reasons for your nomination. I’ll go first:

Davide of Music Radio for program and broadcast radio several link types
Davide of MIMIC for actual radio links

High quality files (320 Kbps MP3)
Ad Free
Track titles broadcast in Roon screens (!) although not linked to the rich metadata :wink:
Entire compositions are played
Schedule (at least the themes) on website

Entire compositions are played
Themes CAN be monotonous (I seem to be in a Schubert Piano works theme)
Prefers longer compositions
Maxes at MP3 level

C’mon everybody. Let’s build a Roon-ready Radio!

Um, BBC Radio 3? 'nuff said?

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Which part was “nuf”? BBC?

BBC 3,A long way ahead.

Does it broadcast track information where you are?

It shows track info on my IPlayer LMS set up- it’s always been my favourite classical service.I also like Ylen Klassinen, a Finnish stream. I can’t get it to work on Roon though.They really should have improved the Internet Radio section by now. I find the experience limited.

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I like BBC 3 a lot too. As a fan of early music, I listen to Audiophile Baroque ( quite a bit (streams 320 kbps), though they heavily favor instrumental music at the expense of vocal/choral. In the US, the Bach Hour, the streaming archive of the weekly show on WGBH Boston ( is wonderful, though they stream only at 128 kbps.