You've got Cmd-J and Cmd-K reversed: Vim key bindings

It’s very nice you are using the classic Vim editor shortcuts j and k to play the previous and next track, respectively. However, as an experienced Vim user, relying completely on muscle memory, I hit Cmd-J and the cursor went . . . . . . . . ahum UP

The character j points down, so in Vim the cursor goes DOWN. The character k points up so in Vim the cursor goes UP. This has been the classic use of j and k in computer science for almost half a century now.

While I’m on the subject of shortcuts:

  • why do we need the Cmd prefix in a screen where nothing can be edited. Isn’t just j and k sufficient?
  • many mail programs use n (next) and p (previous) to go through a list of messages without opening the message.

My suggestion:

  • j : move to the next track and play

  • n: move to the next track, but don’t play. This is handy for quickly going down a list

  • d: move down a screen of tracks, but don’t play

  • k: move to previous track and play

  • p: move to previous track, but don’t play

  • u: move up a screen of tracks, but don’t play

  • Enter: play the track the cursor is on

  • ga: go to album

  • gp: add to plalist

  • gt: tag

  • gs; share

  • ge: export

  • gf: file info

  • gl: lyrics


This would be in the great Vim tradition