Zidoo devices Roon Ready? [resolved: yes]

Since I have the newest FW 6.3.35 on the Zidoo Z9X Roon server still says it is a non certified device, any news why?

Suggest you ask Zidoo - sorry I don’t have one nor do I track what firmware is what.

Z10 pro and Z1000 now both Roon Ready. That’s me happy!

@John what does “digital output only” mean? No Analogue output? Only HDMI Audio?


Clerical error, thanks for the heads up.

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So thats two manufacturers using Android that are Roon Ready. Please work with more DAP manufacturers to get them Roon ready.

I guess that the issue is more DAP manufacturers have to approach Roon as Zidoo obviously did. You can only work with those who come to you. I’m not sure a decent and consistent solution can be had using the generic Android APK so there has to be a formal process and that can only be started by the manufacturer.

@Henry_McLeod do these work with a USB DAC do you know?

Yes, it works fine with my Topping D70. USB2 and USB3 both connect properly and work through Roon.


@Henry_McLeod PCM is OK.But DSD is converted to PCM before streaming.

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I recently bought a Gustard X26 pro DAC, I connect it to my Lenovo laptop (aka the ROON core), now I’m thinking about adding a network player, ZIDOO is attractive primarily for the price, even the Z1000pro, it’s a pity that DSD does not go natively, and although mine the main source is TIDAL, where everything is PCM, but I still want versatility, because Gustard perfectly reproduces the DSD512. Owners of ZIDOO please let me know here when you will be able to play DSD natively via ROON

Z10 pro converts everything to PCM. It does not offer DOP either.


Being as it’s been almost a year, is there anything new to report on Roon/Zidoo multichannel support? I can play files via the Zidoo directly but Roon has no options to enable MCH support.