ZMF headphones detected as Audeze

Hi there!
I hope anyone can help me here, as I’m stuck with a little problem.

I have my Roon Rock connected via USB to a Burson DAC and a headphone amp. That feeds my ZMF Eikon headphone. Somehow Roon thinks that it is connected to a Audeze LCD-2.

I’ve heard somewhere these settings can be adjusted, but I don’t see where. Is it possible to let Roon see the right headphone and possibly use the right DSP settings?

The headphone does not show up in the devices, only in the Signal path.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Roon has no way of knowing which headphones are used, since all it could possibly be aware of is what’s in the digital domain, or in the case of Roon ready devices what’s reported back.

The fact that you see Audeze DSP correction settings in Muse is, that that manufacturer supplied respective info for Roon to offer.

But don’t worry, there’s the free collection of searchable headphone correction filters to download and use in Roon’s Muse at AutoEq website.

Have fun!

Wow… I got myself a new hobby… Thanks!