Zone Grouping - An idea for mixing types

I’m a happy user - with several different endpoint types (Linn, KEF LSX, Airplay, Ropieee etc.). When I tried to group them it says I can’t group different types, so the Linn DS cannot be a group with the KEF LSX. The simple solution would be to add the alternative Linn-Airplay, KEF LSX-Airplay etc. devices and group them. But having every device shown twice - with different carriers - would confuse my users. How about being allowed to pick these Airplay based endpoints from the grouping: when I want to play “the party zone” Roon adresses the various endpoints on the same protocol, e.g. Airplay. Leaving group play it is the dedicated protocol versions. Most of the time I group it is for non-critical listening anyway -

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