Zone Visibility in ARC and Transferring Queue between Roon Remotes/ARC

So I log in to grab the screenshot and the native non arc roon app allows me to connect. because of course.

It is the latest build 1021 on android.

so it was PEBCAK. Thank you. I now know I need to use the different app for different needs.

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Adding my vote here. Given the standard Roon client can do this already between clients I can’t see how it’s a huge leap to do this with ARC, especially given they share the same Core and therefore have access to the same state info.

I’m adding my vote to the feature for transferring the queue to/from ARC and Roon Remotes. I went looking for it for the first time yesterday and realised it was not incorporated as yet.

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Would be great! My vote for.

Hi all,

One more vote to transfer in/out the playing queue between ARC/Roon Server zones. It would be great! :smiley: