1.3 Mac: cant find external drives [resolved]

I’m glad to provide logs and anything else I can to help out here. What’s more concerning to me is reading that there’s crashes entering audio setup across OSX 1.3 RoonServer installs. I’m playing around right now in 1.3 with a new library trying to see if I can even create a new one if I want to. This new storage browser though… I hate to be rough on you guys, but if I can’t manually enter a path and your file browser doesn’t see ANY of my 3 externals… huge fail. How is 1.3 usable on OSX right now?! Also, where can I find 1.2 client and server .dmgs so I can listen to music right now?

The crashes entering audio setup are fixed in build 193 (~1hr ago)

@ben @danny, please help with the file browsing issue.

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are your 3 externals mounted in /Volumes? how are they connected? usb?

Yup, mounted in /Volumes via USB3. One is a 4-bay enclosure RAID’d, but the other two are individual drives. All are formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)

weird… need to get your logs… usb drives are working here…

zip them up and dropbox them for me in a PM?

We should be able to see things mounted to /Volumes, a copy of your log files will help us get this resolved.

Can you please zip up your logs (they are in your Roon database folder) from your core system and upload it to Dropbox? If you don’t have a dropbox account or a place to upload a zip please let me know and I’ll PM you some instructions.

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I’ve sent my logs to @ben but is there a way I can find .dmgs for 1.2 client and server OSX? I’m up a creek without a paddle minus iTunes in my office :confused:

OK, we have found the problem.

You have some samsung ssd t3 drive or something, and their wacky drivers installed.

We worked around it by ignoring output before “<?xml” – next build (later today) will have this fix.

In the meanwhile, I’m not sure if you can eliminate that driver, but if you can, your problems will go away