1.3 resets genres [Solved, use Import Settings to fix]

Love 1.3 so far, but may have found a bug:

roon version = 1.3
OS = MacOS 10.12.3
HW = iMac (Late 2015)
Storage = all music stored on an external RAID 5 HD
Collection size = approx. 2000 albums

I have heavily customized genres so that only about 8 are in use. After the 1.3 update, all the standard genres are in use again.

1.3 has changed the way that file tags are extracted and presented. The functionality you want is there, but you need to do the following:

Go to Settings -> Library

Click on “Edit” next to “Import Settings”

Move the slider for “Use genres extracted from tags” to “Yes”

Click save… Roon will re-scan your library and you’ll get your custom genres back.


Worked like a charm

Thanks very much