1.3 - Roon Client in same machine as Roon Server not coming up after update[fixed by manually updating the remote]


To debug constant, 100% crash of Roon Client (at 1.3) running in Windows 7 PC, decided to fire up the Roon on same Windows 7 PC as one running Roon Server.

The Roon Server was already at 1.3, busy rescanning, rebuilding its metadata, etc.

After Roon detects needing to update Roon Client from 1.2 to 1.3, now the Roon client is stuck at this page,

Software Update Needed
Roon is trying to connect, but it looks like one or more devices on your network need a software update.

Remote Core (MAUI2) - 1.3 (build 193) stable <<------ spinning cursor showing,
Checking for an update…

This PC
1.2 (build 168) stable

Did i get into a mess?

FYI, my setup topology is described in this thread first post,

Nah. Not a big mess. I think it just got stuck checking for the update.

Grab the client from our downloads page and install it over the 1.2 one. It won’t do any damage: https://roonlabs.com/downloads.html and it will be faster than trying to muddle out of this state.

I’ve closed the Roon client, and restarted.

And i’m greeted with following,

Choose your Core

I want to use this PC to manage my music library

[Setup button]

Windows 7 /
Version 1.3 (build 193) stable
[blue dot] Update required

[Connect button]

I want to connect to a different core

I choose the [Connect button].

Unclear why i see the [blue dot] saying update is required.

After clicking on [Connect button], i’m back to the “Software Update Needed” page, that just hangs there.

Okay, doing so.

Stand by.

And i’m assuming i can do this without stopping the running Roon Server on this machine.

That’s correct.

Yes sir.

Downloaded the (non-Server),

Windows 64 bit

, installed.

And About Roon shows,

This PC
Roon Version 1.3 (build 193) stable (64bit)

Core: MAUI2
Roon Version 1.3 (build 193) stable (64bit)
Checking for an update… <<---------------------- i’m assuming this state can be ignored at this time ???

And the current status of rescanning and adding music to library is shown following,

Rescanning files:
2074/33650 <<------------- seems like the total has been normalized to reflect what has already scanned,

Adding Music To Library: Of 371 tracks, 0 added, 0 identified,

Background Audio Analysis
Analyzing: 316 / 71419

FYI, i started with following before going off to update client in same machine as server running (previously updated to 1.3),

Rescanning files: 38151/75269

Adding Music To Library: Of 403 tracks, 32 added, 32 identified

Scanning now…
74110 Tracks Imported
99536 Files SCanned

And in the Settings, under Library section,

Background Audio Analysis Speed: Fast (4 Cores)
Analyzing: 2447 / 74086

For now, let Roon do its doing over night.

Check back tomorrow morning.


In the About Roon, the Roon Core is still showing the same status, i.e.

Checking for an update…

Is this a time to quit and restart Roon?

Or, something else?

Just trying to be in right state to get the incremental updates of 1.3, and whether this is a hang in my Core?

Between my Core and Roon site?

Ok, so quitting the Roon Server, and restarting.

And after restart, the About Roon for the Core is showing,

Core: MAUI2
Roon Version 1.3 (build 193) stable (64bit)
You have the latest version installed. <<------------------

So, perhaps what i was seeing before the restart was a glitch.