1.3 Sonic Transporter erratic w Synology NAS (build 194)

I’m also having problems maintaining a connection between Sonic Transporter i5 and Synology NAS. Core just can’t seem to locate the volume from time to time, as reported by others.

The only way I found to restore the connection was to reboot the NAS, which takes about 5 minutes. Have had to do so 7-8x in last day.

Furthermore, on both Mac and iphone client the play queue just disappears if I stop playing music for any length of time.

So this morning I installed build 194 on both Mac and ST Core. The problem connecting to the NAS persists. But now the Mac client is virtually useless: shows only the current playing track, but nothing in queue, and the play controls at bottom of page show only the information at time of launch.

Interestingly iphone app seems fine: current track and queue and play controls all function normally.

What’s up?