1.4: Background analysis

Could you tell me if what I’m experiencing is ‘as expected’ or am I missing out on some configuration changes.

Have not seen much posted on this topic since '16.

Is there a pattern or tag I can look for in the logs to help investigate further?

Background analysis is not continuous. Stops processing sometimes after 30 tracks, 800, 3500 no real consistent maximum.

Analysis does resume when I restart the server or set analysis off and on again.

The number of tracks is reduced when it restarts. Have about 22k tracks to go for the approx 10k albums loaded to date.

Has been this way since installation. System resources don’t appear to be an issue.

Room 1.4 build 294
Background Analysis set to 8 cores
Music files mapped to a NAS on same network

Dedicated hardware:
Windows 10 Pro x64
Intel i7 @2.6


I’ve always run (turned on) the analysis process overnight until it is done. Basically, when I’m using Roon to play music or utilizing the NAS for other purposes, I would have analysis turned OFF. Then at the end of the day, I would turn ON analysis and make sure my Roon Core doesn’t sleep or hibernate, and that no backup or other storage activities occur either on the PC or the NAS. In the morning, I would turn OFF analysis before playing any music.

You might try that and see if the analysis is still running in the morning or if it has stopped.

Also, if you are running analysis and using Roon to play music, or even the PC for other things, you might try setting background analysis to 2 or 4 cores instead of 8. I would only set analysis to 8 cores when letting it run overnight.

Thanks for the quick reply Daniel.

This setup is dedicated to Roon and set not to hibernate. I have played music at the same time but in relative terms playing time has been minimal. Plan is to have it working away all the time to get through the analysis. Has been processing for about a week now (+/- with these restarts) while playing time less than a day.

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