1.5 with DirectStream BridgeII - dropouts MQA with any DSP

Initially, I found with just cross-feed enabled, nearly constant dropouts playing Tidal MQA plus any DSP. Tried a simple single-band PEQ, same. I have no other DSP enabled, no upsampling or convolution. No changed in reported CPU utilization.

Rebooted DS/BridgeII, problem remains. If I turned off DSP, no dropouts.

DS/BridgeII up to date. Up to date ROCK on generic PC that have never given me any issues.

Thanks for your assistance

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We’re aware of this–it looks like the PS Audio firmware is not handling decoded MQA properly.

For now, I suggest setting your PS Audio device to “Decoder Only” in Roon’s device setup. This will work around the issue.

I will follow up with them. Since Roon is the only piece of software that is sending out decoded MQA in precisely this manner, we is bound to run into some quirks in hardware implementations.

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Thanks Brian. I’ll wait for Conversdigital to update the firmware.

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