1.6 New search great but very slow to get results

Its probably a result of today’s update and possible new users flocking in because of Qobuz but the new search seems painfully slow for me. Anyone else getting this? Don’t get me wrong it works brilliantly now at finding what I am searching for but it does take a performance hit


Same for me. Very slow.

Same for me on sonic transporter core…rebooting core to see if that helps and then will restart roon server.

Can confirm this

Yes, painfully slow search. Needs a bugfixing.

However, really great that Qobuz got implemented. :grinning:

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Beyond painful - many results are taking longer than 1 minute to show results, which feels like half an hour when you’re sitting there waiting for it. On the other hand some searches are ~1s or so - doesn’t seem to be any correlation to content that’s in my local library vs not, or things I know to have searched before or not, or anything really.

Same results on PC and Android remote, rebooting the core had no change. Server, storage and networking are all hilarious overkill compared to what Roon should need so that shouldn’t be the issue.

Slow here too on a wired network. Tried rebooting Roon core and SonicTransporter i5 and didn’t improve. Loading TIDAL albums is also slow.

Same problem here. Extremely slow. “Miles Davis” took three minutes, although I have lots of his albums in my library…

Must be the new architecture and databases taking a hit

Same here.
Great features but almost unusable this evening: too slow

I believe that local library search previously was an offline process. Now, it appears to be an online process, requiring a phone home to Roon.


Same here unfortunately.

Here too,verry slow,play with Qobuz and Tidal
When i disconnect both is working normale
After reboot is not change
All is good but verry verry slow

Same here. This morning, just after the update all went well, but the longer Roon runs, the slower it becomes! It’s like it is running on a very old computer.
Running Qobuz and Tidal

8 Gb Ram
1 Tb SSD
Windows 10

iPad Air 2
Iphone XR

Maybe on bug
Hope on update tommorow

@support Any help or news on this issue?

Hi All,

Thank you for your reports, we are investigating.

– Noris


Hi Noris
Ok thanks verry muth

Yep, Search is significantly slower than normal.

I’m not seeing any DNS requests outgoing when I search so I’m not sure it is phoning home… EDIT - not sure how I missed it - there are DNS requests for roonlabs.net, slurp.roonlabs.net, imagecache.roonlabs.net and so on.

I’ve just tested out a FW rule dropping all packets from Roon core to WAN, searches still take a similar amount of time (and quite obviously doesn’t show any Tidal results)