1.6 Update does not progress

Same here. I’m thinking its a Roon Server issue. I’ve no problems with the internet but when i try to manually DL Roon, the file refuses to DL as well.

Updating in Roon is the same, the progress bar refuses to budge.

Hello @Wilfred_Wong,

What is your Core platform? Can you post a screenshot of the issue you’re seeing?


Roon core is currently @ version 1.5.

When i boot up Roon i get a prompt to update, which i do.

Under “About Roon” i see that it is trying to DL version 1.6 ( The bar moves just a smidgen and then stops ). After around 10-15 minutes an error msg pops up which reads " There was an error checking for an update ".

First time this has occurred. I’ve restarted roon and my PC, Anti virus temporarily shut down as well.

Internet and all other devices working well. I can still listen via version 1.5 but i would rather get it updated.

Hi Wilfred, I think Noris wanted to know which OS or device you were using. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android? It sounds like Windows from your comments, but, just to be sure.

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I can confirm than roon does not update, i finally downloaded the image (not sure which version it is because it is not detailled on the download page. is there a way to perform a manual update on the mac ?
I precise that i follow the instruction but it seems that roon detects my core on same imac as distant.
Very wierd. At this end, it does not start with 1.5 or 1.6
Thx for providing some guidelines

Hi @Jean-Louis_SUZANNE,

Yes, you can manually update using the image from the website. I would make a backup of your current database and then give it a go.


Hello,Finaly i had to recreate a core, and restore a backup. Now it is ok, but not very “smooth”
Thx for your feedback,

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