1.7 (Build 610) installer download - The Wayback Machine

If this thread breaks any rules, I apologise to mods in advance - if so please delete this post.

However, with a minority of customers experiencing functionality/usablility issues I wanted to highlight a public download of the 1.7 (build 610) installer via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine:

Please be aware the download is already pretty slow.

And of course if your iOS remotes are already updated to 1.8 they will not work.

Obviously ensure your database is backed up - tinker at your own risk.


I employed a fresh install - new database etc… without issue - as a temporary measure until updates to 1.8 are released. I can’t comment upon rolling back an existing 1.8 database.


And if you can, please donate to the IA; they are a wonderful resource: