1.7 upgrade doesn't boot up

I updated to 1.7 after hearing that the previous issues with NADAC and remote windows installations had been resolved.

After updating, I am unable to boot up Roon. The logo and one of the rotating quotes (in black boxes) appear, the frame of the window flashes (entirely blank) and then reverts back to unopened state.

I have rebooted the machine twice, downloaded the software directly from the Roon website (as another member did) and the same results.

I have a new Air iPad 3 with the Roon remote installed. It is unable to load Roon but it is able to see my server and my DAC (while being unable to connect to either).

Roon resides in my server.

Any suggestions?

I am thinking that reverting to 1.6 is a good plan.

There is no provision for reverting to a prior Roon level, unless you have it on a backup of your PC.

Even then, you would also have to back off the V1.7 Roon library.

I’m tagging @support for you.

Because 1.7 never actually booted up, I am not certain it fully installed. I also don’t know if the library was updated.

I have not checked my back-up to see if 1.6 is there. I am holding off on pursuing that to see if there is a solution to this problem.

Hi @John_Roberts,

Downgrading to previous versions of Roon is not supported, but we can certainly take a look at the current version.

Can I please request that you use these instructions to access your Roon logs and send me a copy for analysis? The best way to get logs over would be via Dropbox / Google Drive, but if you don’t have either service do let me know and I can provide an alternate upload method.

Noris –

I found the logs.

I do not have accounts with Dropbox or Google Drive.

Please provide alternative upload method.


Hi @John_Roberts,

Just sent the upload information via private message (green “1” in top right corner)

I think the files have been uploaded.
The folder name is Roon Logs (12/19/19)

let me know if you get them and if they all came through.

Actually, it looks like the files came through as
Roon_log 01.txt

sent as 18 files – numbered the same, through Roon_log 20.txt

[quote=“noris, post:8, topic:88712”]
Hi @John_Roberts,
Noris –

Have you received the log files or should I try sending them again.


Hi @John_Roberts,

I can confirm that I"m seeing the files that you mentioned in our diagnostics server. I believe this issue might be due to an out-of date .NET version. Can you please try upgrading your .NET version using the following link and let me know if it helps?

Noris –

I have managed to download and install .net framework 4.8. Roon now boots up.

A new problem has emerged. I recently purchased a iPad Air III and I have not been successful in getting it to work with Roon. My other devices (another iPad and an iPhone) are working fine.

in the (non-working) iPad, the app starts to boot up and falters on the “Choose your Roon Core” screen. It appears to be trying to connect to my NADAC player and to my server. There is a little light below both of them that flashes amber (“connecting”) and red (“last Seen 5 seconds ago” or “Connection Failed”).

I have re-booted the iPad, reinstalled the Roon Remote app, updated the app, and double-checked the wi-fi connection (300+ Mbps download; 40+Mbps upload).

I should also mention that Roon (on my server) doesn’t recognize the iPad Air III, but it does recognize every other device.

Any ideas about what to do?

Hi @John_Roberts,

Happy to hear the .NET update helped with the first part of the issue. As for the iPad aspect, is there anything notable that sets the iPad apart from the rest of the working iOS devices? Do you by any chance have a VPN installed on the iPad (even if you’re not using it)? Is the iPad is the same network IP Address range as the rest of the working devices?

Hi Noris -

I started to wonder if the issue was that Roon did not have enough “room” (memory) to load in the 64GB iPad. I went to the local Apple Store and exchanged it for a 256GB version of the same machine.

The new iPad works well with Roon, with no issues at all. Interestingly, the copy of Roon Remote was a direct copy from the iPad I returned. It loaded with no hesitation (or issues) and is playing well

Thanks for your help on all of this.


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