1.8 bug?: Discography albums missing [Ticket In]

I think I may have discovered a bug in version 1.8 where albums in your library are missing from the discography.

Example: Take Agnes Obel - Here is the view of the albums in my library on the Overview tab.

You can see that the album Citizen of Glass is in my library and is a QoBuz album. If I click on this album you see this.

All good so far!

Now return and view the Discography

Philharmonics is duplicated as it’s the deluxe edition which is fine but my library version of Citizen of Glass is missing. There is an entry for Citizen of Glass (Instrumental) but this is appears to be a single (see next screenshot). There is no Citizen of Glass album listed

If I click on the ‘My Library’ icon to drill the list to only my albums the Citizen of Glass Album which is in my library magically reappears!

This would seem to be a bug in the new release?

Thank you

Same here.

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On my system, it seems to be ok for both “My Library” enabled and disabled.

There’s definitely something odd going on between the local library and QoBuz. Here’s another example.

Stacy Kent:

The album Tenderly is in my local library.

Click on Discography

Tenderly is there but is the QoBuz version.

Click on the library icon and the local version shows.

I think it is prioritising QoBuz content over local content.

Hi, @Trickydickie , thank you for the information you posted in this thread. We have an open ticket about this issue, though I cannot specify the timeframe when fix will be implemented, but our dev team is working on it.




Thank you

Just to add to this, I have discovered that if you get Roon to re-identify and just click on the album that’s already being used to provide the metadata and save it corrects the issue. So even though you are not really changing things the re-saving seems to do something internal.

I did this with both the examples above and now the Agnes Obel album is displayed and the Stacey Kent album when clicked on is the one in my library although the QoBuz Icon still persists.

Bit of an old thread but same symptoms

I choose an Artist by either Artist view or hyperlink in a playing album etc

I see Albums in my library BUT no Tidal albums

Click Discography and it comes up blank


Nikolaus Harnoncourt (Tidal has literally hundreds)
Lang Lang

All software current, Windows 10, fault is on iPad , need to check on core